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WorldMerge - ZD Internet's Editor's Choice
"Simply the best e-mail merge program for the money", stated the editors. WorldMerge went head-to-head with Arial Software's Campaign, Alpha Software's NetMailer, and others to win this coveted award.

The 4.6 release contains a Visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor Plug-In which allows you to visually edit HTML emails. Download the 4.5 version now and create eye-catching HTML emails with colors, fonts, and images with ease!

The fastest way to reach thousands of customers with personalized e-mail messages.

allows you to quickly and easily generate large numbers of personalized e-mail messages using your "internet-ready" database of recipients and a "template" e-mail message. Here a just a few of the many uses:

  • Provide monthly customized statements to your clients
  • E-Mail your customers with a product upgrade or offer
  • Send a customized newsletter to subscribers
  • Send a personalized "thank you" e-mail to your new customers

Compare this list of features:

  • Visual (WYSIWYG) editing of HTML messages using the included HTML Editor Plug-In
  • Connects directly to many popular mailing list and database formats.
  • Project Wizard gives you the power to create new mailing projects quickly and easily
  • No limit on database fields
  • Unlimited mailing projects
  • Up to 20 message attachments per recipient
  • Maximum list size of 100,000 recipients
  • Super Fast - Broadcast approximately 8,000 messages per hour
  • Direct Send mode for ISP's without an outgoing mail server
  • Nearly 1/4 the price of comparable packages 

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Still have questions? Check out the WorldMerge FAQ for more info. You can also view the WorldMerge on-line help for a brief tutorial and links to the WorldMerge User's Guide.

WorldMerge help is now in Microsoft Word 97 format. You must have Microsoft Word 97 or Word 97 Viewer to view this information. The Word 97 Viewer is available free from Microsoft.

What is Email merge?

Email merge is similar to mail merge in Word or WordPerfect - you create a form letter and merge personalized data into each letter. Then your letters are addressed to Dear Andrew instead of Dear Customer, for example.

With WorldMerge, you create personalized messages you send via standard Internet email, fast and easy. You don't have to print letters, stuff and stamp envelopes and wait several days for a response.

Unlike other programs, WorldMerge lets you open your contact databases directly with no tricky importing.  If you store your customer information in Microsoft Access or Excel, or if you already have an email list in Eudora or Outlook, you can open that contact file directly in WorldMerge. 

Once you have a targeted email list, WorldMerge lets you create email merge templates.  You write one message that will be sent to all the people on your list, except now you can "drop" in database fields you wish to be merged (ex: Dear [[first name]]).

When your contact receives your message, it will be individually addressed with personal data merged into the message body.  And you won't have to reveal your list of email addresses in the CC: field. No more "Dear Valued Customer" form letters! 

The source of WorldMerge's email merge power is your contact database.  By opening your databases directly, WorldMerge gives you the ability to:

  • Filter and/or manually select your contacts into highly targeted email lists.
  • Create and send personalized email messages to these targeted lists. Each message is addressed to the individual contact and you can place personalized data within the message (Dear John instead of Dear Valued Customer).

Unlike other programs, WorldMerge does not require you to convert your data from your existing database format into WorldMerge's format.  WorldMerge opens, reads and uses your existing database directly.

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