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WorldMerge maker ColoradoSoft can track spam complaints and block mail sent by anyone who abuses the free program.

Littleton, CO--Imagine combining the low cost and immediacy of email with the customization of a personal letter. WorldMerge version 3.4 enables organizations to automatically customize thousands of e-mails with each recipient's name.

"There's no more "Dear Customer'," says Terry Matson of ColoradoSoft, makers of WorldMerge. "Email gets far higher response when your message includes the name of the person you're sending it to."

While WorldMerge has garnered critical acclaim from many corners, including ZD Internet's Editor's Choice, some fear that email software can be used by spammers. ColoradoSoft is actively addressing the threat of spam by instituting a system that will prevent anyone from sending annoying unsolicited email.

During the period that WorldMerge is in evaluation mode, every email sent contains a unique number at the bottom of the message. Technicians can pull the number from an offending email, enter it into the server, and block any future mailings by that person. "The next time that person tries to use WorldMerge, he gets a message that he has been blocked," Matson said.

This is the first time an email program of this type has taken such aggressive measures to stop unsollicited email. Matson sees it as an important step toward promoting responsible commercial use of email. This is a very powerful tool for businesses and organizations. We want to maintain our right to send email by promoting intellegent self-regulation.

WorldMerge let you use your "internet-ready" database of recipients and a "template" e-mail message. Some uses of the popular program are: Provide monthly customized statements to your clients, email your customers with a product upgrade or offer, send a customized newsletter to subscribers, or send a personalized "thank you" e-mail to your new customers. "One of the Net's great advantages is how you can provide so much more personalized service to your customers," Matson points out.

WorldMerge works easily with addresses stored in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, ODBC, Eudora Address Book, or Text Delimited Database. No conversion or import is required. A project wizard steps users through the process.

Users can send to up to 100,000 recipients at a fast 6,000 messages per hour. Use WorldMerge free for the trial period. The purchase price is nearly one-fourth of the price of comparable packages.

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