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ColoradoSoft Propels Simple, Widely Used Email Merge Product Into National & International Market

Denver, CO – February 1, 1999 – ColoradoSoft (www.coloradosoft.com), a Colorado-based software development company, announced the kick-off of the ColoradoSoft WorldMerge Referral Partner Program. Through the program, web site owners add a uniqe link to ColoradoSoft either through text or banners on their site. ColoradoSoft processes orders and pays the associate $10 for each copy of WorldMerge sold. Users can quickly sign-up at the ColoradoSoft Referral Partner Program web site http://www.coloradosoft.com/associate.htm.

WorldMerge has quickly become one of the fastest email-merge solutions on the market today, allowing users to reach thousands of customers with personalized email messages by quickly and easily generating large numbers of personalized email messages. WorldMerge uses an "Internet-ready" database of recipients and a "template" email message that is resistant to "spamming."

Users can quickly sign-up receive their custom code within hours. Users do not have to purchase WorldMerge to be a Referral Partner. However, it is recommended that associates register a copy of their customer version at the web site.

"Our Referral Partner Program offers our customers a great way to add content and revenue to an existing web business," said Terry Matson, President of ColoradoSoft. "WorldMerge continues to gain ground as the product of choice for small- to large-sized companies who want a fast, simple email-merge program and move into the increasingly competitive mass email software market with a client base of well-known, national and international corporations. Companies like Microsoft, C|Net and US Robotics all use WorldMerge. Whether users want to send customized email messages to their clientele around the world or to co-workers across an Intranet, WorldMerge is the easiest tool to use on the market today."

Kevin D. Allen, Director of Corporate Information Services for ISI Value Network, Inc., in San Bernardino, CA, has been a WorldMerge user for more than two years. "I have been favorably impressed with WorldMerge and the support delivered by ColoradoSoft. I was previously using WorldMerge as the system administrator of Comstock Net (an ISP) for communicating with my users. I was so happy with the product and the support that when I assumed my new position last year as the MIS Director of ISI Value Network, Inc., I immediately searched out the product as soon as we began having managed group mailings to our field associates. This product has simplified my life tremendously. You can't find more bang for the buck on an email product of this type anywhere."

National & International Recognition
The ZD Internet Magazine, published in Germany, gave WorldMerge the Editor’s Recommendation Award, noting that the product has the best price performance ratio when compared to similar products. Additionally, the magazine noted that WorldMerge is simpler to use and has increased functionality over competing products. WorldMerge was also honored as a Shareware Must-Have for 1997 in Windows Magazine and named one of PC World Magazine’s Readers Top 10.

The news of its international recognition has prompted ColoradoSoft to translate its web site and software into German with additional languages in development. "Domestic product sales have increased steadily, but it is the international demand for WorldMerge which has put ColoradoSoft on the forefront of email technology," noted Matson. "The recognition received by ZD Internet Magazine helped move ColoradoSoft into the international marketplace and has turned us into a solid market contender."

Pricing & Availability
WorldMerge is priced at $39.95 per copy. For more information about WorldMerge and other ColoradoSoft products and services, visit the ColoradoSoft web site at http://www.coloradosoft.com or call ColoradoSoft at (303) 726-7664.

About ColoradoSoft
ColoradoSoft provides email management software, consulting services, custom application design and Web page design. WorldMerge, the flagship email software product from ColoradoSoft, is a leading and nationally and internationally recognized email-merge software program.

Contact Information

Heidi Boettcher
HMB Communications
(303) 932-6249

Terry Matson
ColoradoSoft, Inc.

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