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FEBRUARY 15, 1998

CONTACT: Terry Matson



LITTLETON, CO -- WorldMerge, the flagship e-mail software product from ColoradoSoft, has conquered the competitive mountain of mass e-mail software and done it convincingly. Domestic sales of the product have increased steadily, but it is the international demand for WorldMerge which has put ColoradoSoft on the forefront of e-mail technology.

“Initially we received great domestic feedback on the product,” says ColoradoSoft president, Terry Matson. “Companies like Microsoft, C|Net and US Robotics are using it which gives us some credibility,” he says, referring to the list of companies that currently use WorldMerge to send customized e-mail messages to their clientele across the country or to co-workers across an intranet.

However, it was the German magazine ZD Internet Professionell’s article which surprised Matson. “ZD Internet wrote a great review about our product, “ says Matson, “and that boosted the volume of our international orders.” In fact, since that December article, international sales have exceeded the domestic sales of the product. “Das Produkt mit dem besten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist WorldMerge von ColoradoSoft” means what everyone else seems to be saying: WorldMerge is the best e-mail software for the money -- in any language.

The news of its international recognition has prompted ColoradoSoft to translate its web site and software into German as quickly as possible. Other languages will likely be added at a later date. In addition to the ZD Internet article, WorldMerge has also received endorsements from Windows Magazine and PC World Online.

At $29.95 WorldMerge is considerably less than similar programs which cost anywhere from $45 to $495. WorldMerge allows the sending of up to 100,000 messages while supporting a wide array of popular databases including Excel and Access. WorldMerge is a smart investment for any company that wants to cheaply and efficiently improve communications with its clients.

Another nice feature: ColoradoSoft actually takes a stand against the misuse of its own product. The trial version of WorldMerge contains an anti-spam mechanism which discourages its use for illegitimate purposes like sending mass unsolicited e-mail.

A trial version of WorldMerge 2.7 can be downloaded from the ColoradoSoft web site, http://www.coloradosoft.com. A portion of all profits goes to support Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.


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