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Please fill in the customer information in the fields below. You will receive an email within 48 hours containing a special Referral Partner link and instructions on how to place this link on your website. When visitors use this link to come to our web site, you will be identified as the referring web site, and when they purchase our products you receive a commission!

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Disclaimer & guidelines - These terms and conditions shall apply to all referral partners. Referral partners will be paid 25% of the order total minus shipping and sales tax for each sale containing the referral partner's unique code. Every ordering method will contain your unique referral partner code including fax, email, postal mail and secure order forms. Each order will be checked to the best of our ability for these codes in order to credit proper commission. It is unlawful to represent your company as ColoradoSoft, Inc. No unsolicited bulk email shall be used to market this product. Partners are NOT employees of ColoradoSoft, Inc. and are responsible for their own local, state, or country taxes. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. ColoradoSoft, Inc. guarantees no specific income from this venture.

By pressing submit you agree to the above terms.

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